Ideas For Embroidered Wall Art

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Do you have a blank wall you want to embellish? Wall decorations showcase your taste and style. Embroidered wall art is a unique option for decoration. Not only does it add visual impact, but it can also be a source of creative expression for you. 

Ready to adorn your blank wall with some embroidery? You have a lot of options for this type of wall décor. Here are some ideas to help you look for that perfect embroidery.

Embroidered Wall Art


Embroidery is one of the most popular do-it-yourself (DIY) arts and crafts projects. There are plenty of templates online. These range from easy to difficult so you can choose how much of a challenge you want your wall art to be. 

Let your imagination and skills take you as far as you can go. Don’t let materials limit you, either. You can use thread, yarn, canvas, textile, beads—anything you like. Try these examples.

Persia Lou’s embroidered thread artwork is a stunning but easy piece. You need several colorful strings, a needle, and a piece of canvas. You can go as big or as small as you want. If you create a big canvas, hang it low in an area that has high traffic like your entryway. It’s one way to make a big impact on your guests from the moment they enter your house. If you create a small canvas, make a diptych with different colors. The symmetry of the canvas and the complementary colors will make a dramatic impact on a living room. 

For more personalized embroidery, try this design. Start with a sketch of your family’s hands. Then use different threads to embroider the sketches. Use can also use this idea to showcase your growing family. Instead of marking your child’s height, why not mark his or her changing hand? Then display the embroidery by framing it. Showcase the artwork with framed photographs in the living room. Or, hang it in your child’s room as a constant wall décor as he or she grows.

If you want more of a challenge, why not follow an age-old practice? During Victorian England, ladies embroidered pictures of loved ones who have passed away. This is a unique way of remembering family members. It can also be a good talking point among family and friends. Find your loved one’s favorite photo, turn it into a pattern, and stitch away.

As stated above, you can fit your embroidered wall art to fit your style and lifestyle. If you like to travel, look through Wandering Threads Embroidery’s collection. The patterns showcase famous places in the USA. There’s even one that’s a map of the country. You can embroider each section every time you visit a state.

 EMB Wall’s collection of embroidered wall art

Buy embroidered wall art

If you’re not into hand stitching, buy a traditional embroidered item. You can scour different places for such goods—vintage shops, flea markets, auction houses, antique shows, and online sites.

Etsy has a lot of one-of-a-kind vintage embroidery. You can find vintage Swedish wall hangings and large authentic suzani (embroidered mats created by women from nomadic tribes of Central Asian countries). These types of embroidery can easily cover a large blank wall. One wall hanging can be a statement piece for the living room, bedroom, or dining room. 

Madelena Antiques and Collectibles has a collection of antique samplers. These hand-stitched pieces were created by women to practice their needlework. You can frame these samplers and hang them anywhere in your home. You can even hang one in the bathroom for a unique piece of wall art. 

You don’t have to limit yourself to wall hangings. You can buy embroidered Chinese robes, Japanese kimono, or Indian sari. Display your purchase as the centerpiece of one wall. 

EMB Wall’s embroidered wall art

If you want a monumental yet elegant centerpiece, discover EMB Wall’s collection of embroidered wall art. No matter how big your wall is, EMB Wall will be able to cover it with a brilliant piece of Chinese embroidery craftsmanship.

collection of embroidered wall art