Christmas Home Decoration Ideas

Published time: 2019-12-16    Clicks: 17

Christmas 2019 is truly upon us. You must be in a frenzy trying to spruce up your home with seasonal decorations. To help you make your home the most wonderful place of the year, here are some Christmas home decoration ideas.

Pick a motif

You can go traditional, modern, vintage, eclectic, retro, or minimalist. The options are endless. But having a central motif will make your decorations coherent. It will also allow you to find and display decorations that will have more impact.

So do you want a traditional pine tree with vintage tinsel, lights, ball ornaments, and topped with an angel? Or do you want something non-traditional like a small wooden minimalist tree? 

You could also match your ornaments with your wallpaper pattern. Look at the pattern or color palette of the wallpaper. Use these as the jumping-off point of your motif.


Color is key

You can follow the traditional colors of white-and-red or red-and-green. Or, you can go ultra-traditional by using only browns and greens. But you can also go non-traditional with pastels or rose gold. The more color, the better and merrier your home will look. 

All of your decorations could showcase your chosen color. For example, use yellow as a central color to bring in some summery cheer in the middle of a cold winter day. Or you can go for a wintery color palette of blues, whites, and silver.

Or, you can maximize contrasting colors. Use a dominant color for most of the decorations and another color as a showpiece. For example, you can arrange bright red ball ornaments on a white Christmas tree. Showcase green throw pillows on a red sofa.

You can even color-coordinate your gift wrapping with your chosen color palette. A group of red and gold wrapped gifts would look great against as Christmas tree peppered with the same colors.


Add some textiles for texture

With all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, you will want to have some moments of peace. So, think about how to make your decorations cozy by adding some comfy textiles. 

It can be a fluffy pillowcase you can hug during your downtime. Cover your sofa with a warm knitted shawl you can wrap in at night. Use a faux-fur sheepskin rug under the Christmas tree so you don’t have to sit on the cold floor while decorating it. Swap your usual tablecloth with plaid picnic blankets in seasonal colors.


Bring nature inside

The Christmas tree and wreath are not the only plants you can use to decorate the interior of your house. You can use winter flowers to add some natural elements to your decorations. 

If you’re into DIY, turn those excess spruce needles into a garland saying Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays! Or you can shape them into a minimalist tree on your blank wall.

Arrange fruits on holiday plates and bowls and use these as decorations.


Decorate the areas too

Yes, decorating the living room is already time-consuming. But don’t neglect other parts of your home. You don’t have to go all out for all of them. Just add a touch of Christmas cheer in each one:

Put a garland on the foyer or a blank wall. 

Hang a wreath on doors and the back of chairs. 

Change your bedding to a Santa print. Or go for some red and green plaid. 

Exhibit in the kitchen those vintage Christmas dishes that you love. You can also display your collection of holiday mugs you’ve received through the years.

Put up a small tree in the dining room and use candied oranges as decoration. Better yet, display some edible Christmas decorations like cream puffs that look like ornaments.

Put glittery paper cones in the bathrooms.

Swap your regular wall art with a seasonal artwork and display it above your mantle or in the entryway. 


No matter how you put up your Christmas home decorations, don’t forget that this season is all about being festive. So, have fun and keep up your Christmas cheer.