Accent Wall Ideas For Your Home

Published time: 2019-12-18    Clicks: 8

Many decorating trends have come and gone (and come back again). But the trend of decorating a home with an accent wall has stood the test of time. 

An accent wall draws the eye to one area and becomes an interesting focal point for any room in your home. When done right, an accent wall can be very dramatic and impactful. But before you start painting one wall fuchsia, consider these tips.

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Use patterns

Wallpaper one wall with a bright bold design and keep the other walls bare. The design can become wall art on its own. From tropical leaves, florals, and wide geometric patterns, you have a wide variety of options. 

If you don’t like loud designs, you can opt to have subtle but impactful patterns. Geometric patterns with thin lines can look chic in a minimalist home office. 

Match the pattern with the vibe of the room. Put a playful and bright wallpaper in a child’s room. Use a damask design for a library. Hang one with small floral prints in a nursery. Go for speckles in a bathroom.

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Use color

Accent wall colors are more effective when you use bright colors. So go ahead and paint one living room wall turquoise. Go for yellow in the kitchen. Choose orange for your home gym or bedroom.

A pop of color can liven up the atmosphere of a room. It also adds a burst of energy. This is ideal for a room that has a lot of activity like the kitchen or family room. 

Consider the color palette of the furnishings in the room. Let this be your jump-off point for your wall. Have a lot of yellows? Purple paint would be a good complementary color.

If you’re not scared of bright colors, don’t be afraid to use dark colors either. Black, dark blue, or red can add depth and drama to any space. 

Can’t decide on just one color? Display a variety of colors using an ombre effect or a multi-colored mural. 


Use texture

You can buy textured paint, wallpaper, or panels. But don’t let these limit your options. Explore something more non-traditional like moldings or stone inlays. These would be perfect for bathrooms and around a fireplace. 

Instead of the usual headboard, why not upscale some wooden planks and convert them into a wooden headboard? This will give your bedroom a rustic feel that can be relaxing. 

Marble may be cold but it can be very smooth and chic. It’s perfect for a high wall or an entryway. 

Any fabric can exude a warm and soft texture. Create a fabric-padded accent wall for a cozy bedroom or a home entertainment room.

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Use existing architecture

Maximize the impact of your accent wall by painting not just the wall but also the shelves of one side of a room. This will give the accent wall a 3D effect. 

Create an optical illusion by using one wall as an accent. Depending on how you do it, you can make the room look longer or larger.


Use glitter and shine

Since you want impact then why not go all-out? Add a lacquer finish to your accent wall. Use a metallic wallpaper that can reflect the light. 

Speaking of light, use mirrors are wall hangings to make a room feel brighter and larger. Or use one whole wall like a gigantic mirror. Can you imagine how surprising such a decoration can be when placed in an entryway?

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Use statement pieces

You might have that one wall art you want to showcase in your home. Paintings, sculptures, framed photographs, decals, panels, posters, tapestries, or embroideries. The perfect place to display your statement piece is one focal wall. 

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Final words

An accent wall can be the perfect avenue for you to show off your unique personality. So, think out of the box. Consider pattern, color, texture, architecture, and statement pieces.