Our group has been in California for more than 25 years, and have expanded at top speed as a renowned embroidery company in offering the strictest controlled five-star quality, fast production, and unmatched performance. We are now branched out in New York and Chicago. Territories cover not only the east and west coasts but also all the central states. The group is specialized in embroidered uniform to giant firms for their employees or as promotional products. We have gained the confidence of 500+ mega establishments to become their regular. In addition, we have been awarded outstanding performance from the media and the embroidery industry, as one of the biggest embroidery manufacturers in the United States.

The JINHUI brand is a new embroidery business brand launched by our group in 2017. The embroidery branch of our group has studied, researched, and combined the ancient embroidery craftsmanship with the faster, more delicate computer technology nowadays, to offer our customers the added refined quality of this innovative product. This branch is new to the market yet it is backboned by the parent organization to offer top notch quality assurance and service throughout our operations in the various cities we established. We have made it our mission to provide you with fast installation and satisfying after-sales service.