Embroidery Origins

As an embroidery company of over 25 years, we not only pay attention to the customer's respect for embroidery products, we also take note of how people in our industry show their cultural self-confidence through their work. Therefore, we strive to continue "fashion[ing] elements linked to mass consumption" as our goal so that we can adapt to the times. We are also committed to providing our customers "intelligent mapping, customization, worry-free after-sales service" while adhering to the concept of enterprise service....

One Wall, One Painting

• Each embroidery wall painting fit can be custom designed to extend across the entire surface of a wall face, creating a dazzling & impactful impression on all who see it.

• Embroidery designs can bring life into a room – it can give off a soft & warm tone whereas before the room could have felt dark and cold.

• From the lobby, to the living room, to the study room, to the reception room, to the entrance... embroidered wall covering offers a lovely & easy to navigate scenery.

Gallery Exhibits

Top Quality Enterprise Client Base

Jin Hui Embroidery Corporation has a loyal cliental base which includes:

• IT-Google, Facebook, Apple, HP, Casio, Samsung

• Sports-NBA, NFL, Super Bowl, & Other major sports events on TV

• Financial-JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Fortis Bank

• Entertainment-Disney, Universal Studios, Cinema, Hollywood

• Other-Coca-Cola, UPS, USPSS, major insurance companies